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Back to School

It’s time to reassess your meal plan and make healthy food choices a priority every day.  Research continues to prove the important role that nutrition plays in our well being.  We know that breakfast is essential to start the day off right and will help us stay productive and  energetic.  Good nutrition also helps our brain store and decipher information. Here are some nutrition basics to help you start on the path of a healthier meal plan:

Eat breakfast every day

Consume 2-3 servings of fruit daily

Pick 2 vegetables to add to lunch and dinner

Reduce juice intake to 4 ounces daily

Drink water for thirst and limit soda to special occasions

Include protein such as beans and lentils, fish, lean meats and nuts to meals or snacks

Don’t forget to include high fiber, complex carbohydrates for energy (brown rice, 100% whole wheat breads, etc.)

Eat well!