Vegetarian Nutrition

Last night I presented a program on Vegetarian Nutrition.  We discussed the difference between a Vegan meal plan and lifestyle versus other types of vegetarian meal plans such as Lacto-ovovegetarian.  I think everyone in the room agreed that no matter what type of vegetarian meal plan one may choose, all of them provide health benefits. One benefit of vegetarian meal plans that is often overlooked is taste. Trying a vegetarian entree one night a week is a great way to add new flavors, textures and nutrients to your current diet.  What about venturing into a restaurant that caters to the vegetarian customer? You may be surprised at the interesting and delicious selections provided on the menu.  If you have never tried vegetarian recipes, look for online reviews and taste tests or ask your local library to help you check out a vegetarian cookbook to read and sample one of their recipes – I usually pick a recipe that has a picture which shows the finished product. If the picture doesn’t look appetizing - you may want to keep looking! Next time your palate and plate need a lift consider Vegetarian.

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