Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Today I take the plunge! I meet with my personal fitness trainer for the first time.  I’ve always been physically active, eat healthy and enjoy a few treats now and then – but – I’ve been noticing the results from my exercise just aren’t what they used to be.  Where’s the muscle? And why is my back aching?  A few months ago, I started running with husband and ran in my first 5K on our wedding anniversary (not particularly romantic but it works) – I was hooked.  Now, I typically run 3-5 miles about 5 days weekly and have felt dramatic improvements in my cardiovascular health.  But still I wonder …where’s the muscle?  So, I decided to check out the WSU Fitness Center and guess what?  They have personal trainers!  I emailed the Fitness Center staff and had a response from a trainer the same day.  Pretty quick.  Today I have my initial visit and assessment – I’m a bit nervous but figure this can only be a positive thing, right?  Here is what I’m hoping for…better balance and improved gait (for running), additional strength in my back and torso and by the end of all this a wee bit more muscle.  Check back to see how I’m doing and learn more about the benefits of personal training as an adjunct to a healthy lifestyle.

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